Written by Kevin L

The (2016) Urban Sniper class 100% met or exceeded all of my exceptions. Your ability to teach adults was noticed by all who attended. From the knuckle draggers to the over thinking intellectuals, we all could tell that you had the pulse of the group nailed. There was a time in the beginning that I was feeling we needed to move away from the FBI quals, six box groups, and cold bore stages but by Wednesday I understood they were a great “Standards” drill and was a way for all of us to gauge our progress throughout the long days. It was obvious you had years of experience of teaching this type of training by the way the course progressed into more technical and demanding drills. Without knowing us I understand you and your staff needed to watch our mechanics and ability for safety as well as knowing when and how fast we just advance.
Your staff was great at working with us and running the drills but also understood this was your class and never contradicted your methods. Ed was a man of few words but in a way that was quality over quantity. Joe was equally an outstanding instructor and very approachable. As an instructor I am always conscious about putting my student hat on and leaving all of my previous training at the door. I hope this was the case. Personally I am a talker and a nice guy to a fault and tend to learn better in a similar environment but was able to adjust to your military style approach. It’s been since 1990 that I became a Marine but I was easily able to that mode. I was warmed and expecting a negative reinforcement approach but some of the stories were blown out of proportion. I mentioned to you and your wife about people being intimidated to attend your school. The internet is full of people not qualified to make an intelligent assessment. People who were never in the military freak out with stories of “Caning” and being shot at point blank range with sims. I never felt violated or mistreated in this class but not sure about Sniper 1-5. This is just honest talk since we talked about why people are intimidated to attend. Trust me, KEEP PUSHING ON.
The facilities were amazing and I think was an invaluable part of the training. I was able to leave with the utmost confidence and a full data book. Looking back I feel the moving targets was the best part. Shooting on one of the USMC shooting teams hammered home accuracy but moving targets and shooting from an urban hide was more realistic.

Written by John R

Great training experience, professional trainers that understand the dynamics of the three dimensional combat environment.

Written by Pete P.

I have been training at SMTC 13 years. The facility and staff are first rate and this is the first place I go to look for tactical training. As Director of Security Services and Operations, I need to make sure that I and our staff are all trained to the best of our abilities, learn and practice the best techniques, and improve our skills. SMTC has always succeeded in meeting all of the required training objectives and beyond. It is real world training for the real world we live in.

Written by Leonard B

1) Wounded Warriors Competition 2011
2)Horus Reticle Transition Course
3) Sniper I, II, and III Course
The competition was run professionally and timely, no wasted time, and very challenging The horus reticle transition course was very informing and easy to understand The sniper package was very challenging, and not at all for the weak or timid. If you truly didn't want to be there, you went home with your tail tucked between your legs. We started with six students, and finished with three. Constant pressure to meet the standards, I definitely paid more attention to the period of instruction than I ever did at any other class I've ever taken. Very physically demanding, we were constantly in motion. I was a lot stronger when I left there than I was when I started. I think I could make it through any other sniper course after having graduated from Storm Mountain. I would recommend it to anyone who has a very thick skin and likes to be challenged to their full potential. The staff at Storm Mountain are truly professional in every sense of the word, and really understands the seriousness of the business we are in, and I feel they weren't there just to make money. Rod and his staff didn't go by a time clock, and were there as long as they needed to be every day and truly put themselves into their work, and it was obvious they believed in what they were doing. I truly cannot think of a thing I would do to improve it. I do plan on attending every upper level course that Storm Mountain has to offer.

Written by Nordick G.

I have taken Handgun and Long Range courses at Storm Mountain Training Center (SMTC). This year, I will be attending carbine courses as well. Rod Ryan is an extremely knowledgeable and proficient professional instructor. He explains the course material thoroughly and expects his students to ask questions if they require more clarification. His style of "Hands On" instruction works. I have a fairly high proficiency with firearms, and with Rod's instruction and courses offered at SMTC my proficiency has climbed even higher. Rod is a Professional in every sense of the word. He has real world experience in Military, and Law Enforcement. I recommend Rod Ryan and SMTC.

Written by Elaine B.

Training at Storm Mountain was a wonderful experience. Rod and the staff are professional, thorough and fun! One of the most important improvements I see is my grip, and of course my confidence. Thank you all for such a great time, we will be back!

Written by Michael P.

I have trained with Rod at SMTC since 2010. Rod is by far the best firearm instructor I have encountered and you can rest assured his staff with be top notch too. His courses are well designed and I think the best in the country. I won't train anywhere else if I can get that training at SMTC. I find when I do train at other schools I end up wishing Rod offered that same class so I could take it at SMTC. I did some advanced training at a reputable school in Texas in 2012 and was shocked at how much more interesting the classroom presentations are at SMTC. Rod's enthusiasm for teaching had a great influence on my decision to become a certified firearms instructor and start teaching at the range where I work on weekends. Rod has a military, law enforcement and competitive shooting background but unlike other instructors I know with that background Rod has taken the time to become a great teacher not just a great shooter. I fly or drive cross country to train at SMTC when I could easily take a course much closer to home. It is worth the trip. The facility itself is a shooter's paradise and the rural setting is beautiful. My shooting is at an entirely different level now thanks to Rod and the staff at SMTC. I can't wait to come back for more training.

Written by Damon R.

I started going to Storm Mountain Training Center back in 2009 after I bought my first scoped rifle. I was looking for a school to learn long range precision shooting. So I signed up for their long rifle 1 class and was I impressed. I went from zero experience to engaging targets at 800 yards! Now 32 various firearm courses later you could say I am hooked. Now I have been to many other schools handgun and carbine courses before I found Storm Mountain but what really made me a steady student of theirs is the Quality of the instructors and the courses. The cadre has a no nonsense approach to teaching and they make you earn every skill. This is not a pat u on the head and praise you school this place is real world training where ever course you take you have to earn your passing grade. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS Training! Can’t wait for my 6th year of courses to begin.

Written by Scott B.

Over 17 years training with Rod and his guys....extensive sniper courses, CQB and everything else. An amazing place to train and be trained. Very real-world scenarios. Bring lots of ammo and "can-do"attitude!

Written by Jim R.

I have been training with SMTC for over ten years and have taken many of their courses more than once. They are the best training operation in the world. I have been to many of top training organizations throughout the US and still keep coming back to SMTC because they are the best. My wife who never touched a gun before training at SMTC three years has become a great shooter with their help. That is what really shocked me about their program was how fast she became so good. She has competed in sniper competitions and placed in the top 5 beating professional police snipers. The training programs are based on real police and military backgrounds with just enough competition influence to improve speed and precision to make you a great shooter. SIGN UP FOR A CLASS NOW! I guarantee you will be a better shooter.

Written by John L.

I have taken many courses at Storm Mountain Training Center, and Rod is the best instructor you will ever find. Rod is very knowledgeable about handgun, shotgun, long range rifle and snipe shooting. The classes I have taken were very instructional, mostly in the field, which is very important to your learning. I will be taking many more classes at Storm Mountain Training Center.

Written by Paul A.

Rod's Scout/Sniper training at Storm Mountain provided world-class training under world-class instructors with world-class expectations. If you want "fast-food" training where everybody gets a trophy, then Storm Mountain is not the place for you. When you leave Storm Mountain you will have both the skills to meet any challenge competently and completely and the confidence needed to do it. Instructors stretched me far beyond my comfortable limits, showed me where those limits truly were, then brought me to a skill level that allowed me to reach and to maintain them to mission's end. Throughout the class the instruction was consummately professional, extremely demanding, and pricelessly rewarding on a personal level.

Written by Jeff G.

I've trained with Rod and his staff for over a decade now, in all manner of weapons - handguns, carbines and precision rifles. Having attended other training schools as well over the years, I can unequivocally state that Storm Mountain ranks up there with the best of them. You will be glad you trained there, and more importantly, you'll want to come back again and again.

Written by Dave J.

I've taken handgun 2 and 3 at Storm Mountain. The facility is like no other. I can't say enough good things about the instructors they are top notch. I'm going back for more handgun and carbine classes. I would recommend this school and encourage anyone to attend.

Written by Joel H.

During the past two years, I have attended and certified on the Long Range Rifle I, Long Range Rifle II, and Sniper I courses at Storm Mountain with Rod and his team. Rod Ryan and every member of his instructor team conduct each course with an exemplary level of professionalism. As you should expect, the courses are mentally and physically challenging. Rod and his team ensure constant observation, feedback, and support to ensure each student is provided with the opportunity to succeed – you just need to show up with the right attitude and personal desire to succeed. The instructors at Storm Mountain have real-world experience and will help you understand the concepts in the classroom and then immediately employ them in the field. If you are making mistakes, they will point them out and guide you to improve. The Storm Mountain training model is visual, interactive, and hands on with expert instructors – it doesn’t get any better in my opinion. LRR I was my first course at Storm Mountain, and I had never shot at a distance greater than 400 yards prior to that course. Within 24 hours, I was accurate at greater than 400 yards and all the way out to 800 yards 48 hours later. My certification score was not stellar, but I passed. I practiced the fundamentals of body placement, breathing, and trigger pull that Rod taught me over the next few months and was able to pass LRR II with ease. In Sniper I, the major challenge was field craft. Learning to stalk is difficult, detailed, and physically hard work. Rod and his team helped us progress and improve in a progressive manner. By the end of the week and days of practice in the field, we had all learned a lot and could conduct a successful stalk with confidence. The Storm Mountain Training Center grounds offer excellent terrain features and a multitude of very realistic scenarios and structures to conduct field training. The classroom offers a great environment to focus upon audio-visual learning. The right equipment is essential to ensure success, and Rod will help guide you when it comes to ensuring your rifle, scope, and other equipment will be reliable to withstand the field stresses and provide the right level of accuracy to ensure your success. Rod’s office staff is always been very polite, helpful and immediately responsive to questions and needs. To add some credibility to my review – I am a former USMC (OCS 1987), Six Sigma Black Belt, and presently work as a senior manager in the chemical manufacturing industry. I am continually in training and have experienced some of the best training on a broad array of subject matter and on a global basis. If you would ask me what could be improved at Storm Mountain, I could honestly respond “nothing, the training experience at Storm Mountain is Excellent by all standards.”

Written by Michael M.

Storm Mountain Training Center provides a level of education and experience that is second to none. Unlike many "flat range" facilities that deal only with principles of marksmanship, SMTC sprawls across a diverse terrain that ranges from grassy slopes to barren slag heaps and steep mountainsides, from spartan ground to dense woods offering a wide variety of wind and light conditions. Conditions like fog and rain can roll in and out on short notice and the instructors are quick to point out - "that happens in real life." The facilities are equally diverse; from modern fully-appointed classrooms and bunk houses to a shooting tower topped with a mounted helicopter body where students can engage extended range targets from simulated flight conditions that include real-world wind and drop challenges. (Listing all of the facilities, from shoot houses to reactive target ranges, would exceed the space for this review.) The kid inside me took all of this in like I'd found Disneyland for shooters. But for all the physical assets I found at SMTC, what I enjoyed most was the instructors themselves. Classes were approached from a very pragmatic basis that focused on the realities of tactical performance. Insights were provided from actual experience. Instructors pointed out both strengths and weaknesses of any given tool or tactic and worked with students to define the combination that best fit their talents and capabilities. While all this may sound a bit posh, don't go expecting to snooze through class or coast through exercises. Success in a real-life gunfight carries an unforgiving grading criteria. As such, the phenomena of stress figures prominently in owner Rod Ryan's training vision; it is one thing to make a good shot from a place of comfort, he explains, but it is quite another to do so in the grip of uncertainty and dynamic conditions. This is spot-on; SMTC is, in my experience, truly unique in the way it realistically simulated the kinds of physical and mental demands one might encounter in a dynamic real-life encounter. As a result, unlike many schools where students come away simply having been presented with material, I left SMTC feeling as though I had first-hand experience in the skills, strategy and on-the-fly, out-of-the-box thinking required to prevail in a contest of arms. That built confidence and a desire to learn more. In my case, that desire led me to return to SMTC for 3 additional classes. What I learned at SMTC has carried through my work, both domestically and in Afghanistan. I give the school and its instructors my unreserved endorsement and tell you that whether you are new or a veteran to training, your experience at SMTC will be unlike anything you have seen before.

Written by Guy C.

One thing every firearm enthusiast should do is train at Storm Mountain Training Center. Rod offers the best array, most comprehensive training available. I’ve trained there for over 13 years, every year, year after year. In my opinion; SMTC is the pinnacle of firearms training. SMTC is a well managed professional operation, their facility is Five Star. It’s simply one of the best to be found. SMTC’s classrooms, buildings, and bunk house are clean, modern and comfortable. I’ve attended just about all of Rod’s classes ranging from: Urban Sniper, Sniper Sustainment, Handgun, Carbine, Long Rifle and others, just to mention a few. SMTC’s instructors are top of the line: All Instructors have years and years, some decades, of experience and knowledge. SMTC’s courses are not those “namby-pamby” courses one might find elsewhere: SMTC gives you your monies worth plus some, you really feel a sense of accomplishment when you graduate. It’s great. Anyone interested in STMC Training is welcome to contact me through Rod, or my email is on the web at http://www.covingtonmachine.com/. I won’t go anywhere else.

Written by Mark S.

Rod takes a practical approach to training. He gives clear and specific instructions to students; then he observes how these directions are implemented by the student. If the student makes a mistake Rod evaluates the error and provides immediate and meaningful feedback so the student can make adjustments. If a student is having trouble with a technique or procedure Rod is able to demonstrate the correct technique or procedure for the student to observe and make the necessary adjustments. Rod has mastered the ability to read a student and provide the proper feedback that the student best responds to.

Written by Michael C.

Rod has a lot of real time experience. He has a great facility and combined he is able to offer great courses with a high level of instruction. His curriculum of training is sound. There is a good mix of theory and details in the classroom followed by application on the range. Have never been disappointed. Have been going to Storm Mountain for close to 10 years

Written by Jeff D

I have taken 2 courses at Storm Mountain Training Center over the past two years. The course I chose to take were Long Range Rifle 1 and Handgun 1. Firearms are not toys and I feel that there is a certain level of responsibility that goes along with owning a firearm. Like any other sport or hobby, I wanted to learn the proper disciplines of shooting the variety of firearms I own. My goal is to grow my technique through proper training. The classes I have taken at Storm Mountain are by far the best I have experienced. I have taken multiple classes that are NRA approved locally that have been good and gave me a great base of knowledge when it comes to safety and general technique. But my learning experience went to all new levels with the training I have obtained from Storm Mountain and Rod’s team. In Long Range Rifle 1 I was a complete novice. My approach to my first course was one that I will never forget and learned a very valuable lesson. The equipment I brought to the course was substandard. I had a discussion with Rod before the class and he gave me advice as to what equipment I should be looking to use. I did not follow that advice closely and found myself with equipment that was not adequate to pass the class. Rod went out of his way to help me correct issues I had with my firearm and my other equipment. Taking time away from a rather large class to work directly with me to fix my issues. When it was determined that my equipment was not making the grade, Rod again went out of his way to outfit me properly with some of his personal gear. It was a gesture that he could have easily pass over, but Rod took the time to make sure my experience was not wasted. The lessons I learned were beyond the shooting techniques (which were awesome and still in use today) but really in the overall approach to firearm ownership! Buy what you can afford, but don’t buy cheap equipment! The class I participated in last summer was Handgun 1. Leaning from my LLR1 experience, I came completely prepared with proper equipment. The outstanding lessons Rod and his team taught are part of my everyday practice regiment. From dry fire drills to live fire drills at the range. I was fortunate enough to get moved into Handgun 2 during my class time and received my certificate. Again, I was so impressed with how much more I learned from this class than from the several local classes I have taken. Outside of the classroom and training, I found Rod and his staff to be very nice, professional and helpful. Rod has never ignored any of my communications when I had follow up questions. His responses are intelligent and helpful! Rod even went so far as to help me personally with suggestions for my children’s school as we struggled to design an active shooter plan. I gave Rod a simple explanation of the school layout and some of the deficiencies in things like the type of doors we had on our class rooms. Rod gave me several recommendations like upgrading the doors and several distraction options the teachers could use to give students time to save themselves. He also suggested the school hiring of a former specifically trained persons with the skills needed to react to this type of situation. I was very pleased to see the school not only hire a former marine with the skills outlined by Rod, but also the investment they made in upgrading the facility as Rod had recommended. Rod did not do this for a fee or as a consultant or expect anything in return. Storm Mountain is the only place I would consider furthering my training. I still intend to take local classes to keep my skills sharp, but to really learn the finer details there is no other place to go than SMTC! And the bonus is that you get to deal with people that are genuine, honest and fun to be with! I cannot wait to go back!