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Surviving Armed Encounters from Rod Ryan on Vimeo.

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Readers Reviews :


"This book is the collective wisdom of a man that has survived numerous armed encounters. The author, Mr. Ryan shares His wisdom in a clear and concise way. From terrorism to street crime, understanding the enemy and having the most effective tactics are paramount in surviving an armed encounter. The book is very straightforward and easily digestible by everyone from soldiers to soccer moms. If you are serious about self defense, you need to get this book." -Chris


"This is an excellent training tool for understanding the necessary mindset and tactics to maximize your chances of winning the fight. I've been hoping Storm Mountain Training Center would produce something I could take home with me and they've outdone themselves with this book." -Ranger FTS


"This is the most comprehensive material based off of real world encounters on how to fight and win. This book highlights all the facets of training that need to be covered to increase your survivability in the ever-growing dangers of the world we now live." -Bill


"This book is a must have addition to your training tools. Mr. Ryan's material along with real world experience prepares you for winning the fight. Both mindset and tactics are spot on and easy to understand. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is concerned about protecting themselves or their families in today's increasingly dangerous world." -Justin


"This book is a great go to for information on use of force and proper mind set. It was a great help in preparing me and my family with our action plan in case things go bad at home or while we are out. " -Stephanie


"Focuses on the armed encounter and decision making for Police, Military and Concealed Carry Civilians, and offers a comprehensive look into Threat Environment. The book and companion video takes the reader from basic marksmanship into complex shooting situations, detailing judgment calls and threat assessment. This work is perfect for professionals and newly armed CCW individuals." -John A Russo, Colonel, US Army (retired)