Storm Mountain is the leader in worldwide training and security services. Originally developed to serve as the premier training facility for military, law enforcement, and counter-terrorism personnel, Storm Mountain has since grown into one of the leaders in global security consulting. Since the conception, Storm Mountain has grown and dominated the security and training industries. Our staff is committed to excellence, and our mission is to provide the absolute best in the fields of security and training, Storm Mountain can provide you with the very best and most current techniques, tactics, security operations and consulting.

Basic Through Advanced Handgun Training

Field, Patrol and Close Quarters Battle Carbine Training

Long Range Rifle & Sniper Training

Our Mission :

At Storm Mountain, our primary mission is to provide practical, professional and effective training and security services to all clients. For the winning edge you need in any life-threatening situation, you want the most realistic and practical training available. Storm Mountain Training Center provides a unique environment, which trains you to out think, out perform and if necessary, out-shoot your opposition.

Our Philosophy :

Our philosophy is to meet the unique needs of each client with personal attention, well designed facilities and expert instructors. Basic courses are taught with the purpose to develop sound fundamentals, which are drilled to the point of becoming reflexive in nature. We also believe that stress is an important training aid. Once clients have mastered the basics, stress is then induced to ensure that lessons learned can be employed in actual combat/tactical situations. Prospective clients must understand the nature of our training and arrive with a proper attitude, ready to learn to survive deadly force situations.